How to Design Effective Fleet Graphics

Whether you’re operating a handful of delivery trucks or a large fleet of commercial vehicles, well-designed graphics will help you stand out from the competition and build recognition with customers. Here are some design tips to get you started.

Do I Need a Brand Guide?

A company’s brand not only enhances recognition but also builds a relationship between them and a customer. Consistency is an integral part of maintaining your brand integrity.

Can You Wax Vehicle Graphics?

Understanding how wax can affect your wrap is an important part of caring for your vehicle. While many wax their vehicles to protect the paint on the vehicle, wax has the potential of adverse effects on a vinyl wrap. Can you wax vehicle graphics? Keep reading to learn more.

Can Vehicle Wraps for Businesses Be Covered By Insurance?

We’ve seen it all the time – a company gets a brand new vinyl wrap on their commercial vehicle and a few weeks later, the vehicle is in an accident, ultimately damaging the new wrap. These moments can be frustrating, and it begs the question – are commercial vehicle wraps covered by insurance?

What Does the Vehicle Wrap Design Process Look Like?

There is a strategy to designing vehicle graphics because the more impactful the design, the more likely a consumer is to recognize the brand in the future. Continue reading to learn more about the vehicle wrap design process.

What Does the Brand Design Process Look Like?

Brand design can be overwhelming at first, but when the right process is in place, the journey can be simplified and impactful. What does it look like to design a logo or refresh an existing design? Continue reading to learn more about the brand design process.

Window Tint vs Perforated Window Film

Window Tint vs. Perforated Window Film

Window tinting is geared towards custom jobs while perforated vinyl is used for commercial vehicles. What will work best for you and your vehicle?