Window Tint vs Perforated Window Film

Window Tint vs. Perforated Window Film

Window tinting is geared towards custom jobs while perforated vinyl is used for commercial vehicles. What will work best for you and your vehicle?

Can a Vehicle Wrap Cover Body Damage?

Can a Vehicle Wrap Cover Body Damage?

Inevitably, your vehicle will take some damage on the road. If you have paint scratches or dents on your vehicle, what will do the trick – a new paint job, or a vehicle wrap?

5 Ways to Know When It’s Time to Rebrand

5 Ways to Know When It's Time to Rebrand

We are here to help you understand the important and value of rebranding while also giving you next steps for your company! But first – let’s discuss what a rebrand actually is and why a company would execute one.

Full Wrap vs. Partial Wrap – What Are The Benefits?

Full Wrap vs. Partial Wrap

Are you looking to wrap your vehicle but don’t know what type of coverage you’re looking for? When deciding between a full wrap and a partial wrap, it’s important to think about these three factors: budget, marketing strategy, and the type of vehicle you’re wrapping.

Can a Vehicle Wrap Damage Paint?

Can a Vehicle Wrap Damage Paint?

One of the biggest fears of individuals who are looking to wrap their vehicle is that a vinyl wrap can damage the paint. We want to give you the details on how vinyl can both affect and protect the paint on your vehicle so you can make an informed decision about your wrap! 

Adapting Your Fleet Branding Amidst 2021 Vehicle Shortage

2021 Vehicle Shortage

If you’re managing a fleet and looking to purchase more vehicles in this season, you understand the frustration created from vehicles being unavailable. Having seen that this setback has allowed a hindrance of growth for your fleet, it may be difficult to forecast when you will be able to buy a new vehicle.