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A company’s brand not only enhances recognition but also builds a relationship between them and a customer. A brand creates a distinct identity by leveraging a company’s logo, visual design, mission, and tone of voice. Consistency is an integral part of maintaining your brand integrity.

Brand Guidelines are a great tool to ensure your brand is consistent and make branding mistakes a thing of the past.


Brand Guidelines outline standards for colors, logos, imagery, voice, and more. These guidelines are a document that anyone can reference – both inside and outside of your organization.

Examples of what to include in your brand guidelines:

  • Logo Usage
  • Brand Colors
  • Fonts


A logo’s appearance should remain consistent across all digital and physical platforms. Establishing rules around your logo keeps it from being misinterpreted, modified, or added to. The main factors to consider with a logo are its orientation, color, and composition. See the example of the rules we have established for our company:

The standards that you create for logo usage may vary. If you’re feeling stuck, return to the three essentials of consistencyorientation, color, and composition.


Outlining each of your brand colors and their different color formats makes creating visual assets easier. Color consistency is key, and a great way to ensure uniformity is by including the Hex, RGB, CMYK, and Pantone codes. See the example below of the guidelines we’ve laid out for our company:


A crucial element of brand consistency is using a set of fonts for visual assets and marketing material. The guidelines should specify which fonts are used for which purposes. Most brands have a set of 2-3 fonts that are used. See the example below of the fonts our company uses and the scenarios we use them:

Each company can build out its brand guidelines to contain more information pertaining to social media, voice & tone, imagery, and more. Overall, brand guidelines should be a well-outlined reference point for all branding – for both your own designers and outsourced services. Without brand guidelines, those both inside and outside of your company will likely create brand confusion.

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