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Graphic designers often use language that can confuse individuals with no background in design. Our team is determined to simplify the language and make it easy for anyone to understand the importance of the basic fundamentals of design.

We will often ask that our clients provide “workable file formats” of their logo and other design components. In more simplicity, these are known as vector files. The opposite alongside vector graphics are raster graphics, which are not ideal for design.

How do these file formats affect the results of the design? Keep reading to learn more!

What is the Difference Between Vector and Raster Design Files


Vector graphics are made up of perfectly straight lines and curves based on mathematical equations. This makes them resolution independent – meaning they can be scaled to ANY size without losing quality.

These are ideal for vehicle graphics since these files will be scaled to a larger size to fit onto the vehicle and the graphic will be completely clear. If individuals are unable to provide vector design files for our team, we can recreate the file into the proper format.

File Types: .ai, .pdf, .eps

Vector Graphics


Raster graphics are made up of a multitude of pixels, each one containing information about one specific color. These graphics are resolution-dependent, meaning they are difficult to edit and scale without losing quality.

These are not ideal for vehicle graphics. The larger the image, the more pixelated the graphic will become. If an individual needs help recreating the design into a vector graphic, our team will be able to evaluate the graphic to see if we can recreate it. Some things are unable to be formatted, such as photos or a background with various detailed design elements.

File Types: .jpg, .tif

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