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We understand the importance of getting your vehicle back on the road, so our team tries our best to convey quick and accurate turnaround times. The time it takes to wrap or letter a vehicle is affected by whether or not we have measurements ahead of time as well as the complexity and coverage of the wrap.

Our turnaround time for lettering jobs can be 1-3 days upon receiving the vehicle, and partial or full wraps can be finished in about 3-5 days. Read down below for more information on what specifically can affect the turnaround time for your wrap.


If we do not have measurements of the vehicle prior to its arrival, we will need to take measurements when it is dropped off on our site. Measurements are important so we can set up the vehicle design for print to accurately fit onto the vehicle. This can add 1-2 days depending on the amount of measurements needed. Most vehicles that we need to measure or more complex and therefore require more specific measurements (food trucks, utility trucks, enclosed trailers, etc.).


The more coverage the design takes up on your vehicle, the more time it will take to install for your vehicle. Door Lettering tends to take 1-2 days while a full wrap will take 4-5 days. The complexity of the body will also affect the turnaround since our install team has to take more time to ensure a quality wrap.

Our team provides each client with a dedicated representative that can inform them about turnaround times for their vehicle and if anything is expected to change. 

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